July 4th Half Price Sale

4Th Of July SALE!
© Uptown Trading System (if you have any questions before purchase do not hesitate to contact me)
© Uptown Trading System
   original 499.99  (50% off) Sale Price Expires July 5th 2012
Note:  The system works only on the thinkorswim platform available @ http://tdameritrade.com   http://thinkorswim.com
open an account (with tdameritrade), and the software/platform (to run the system) is free!

What you get:
-*All the required studies 
-**1on1 Live support via skype
-Access to instructional videos
-Free updates (if the system is udpated)
-Access to video examples of the trading system in action
-Discounted or free access to any services 
  I may provide in the future!

*I provide studies only for the thinkorswim platform
**Available for customers with extreme difficulty setting up their charts after watching the instructional videos.

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