blog updated

i've neglected the blog for far too long.

look for "new" videos soon.

some changes:

i've added a watchlist page where i will update my full watchlist.
keep an eye out for changes to the watchlist widget which will be updated each morning. note only 10 stocks will be listed in the widget, those will be the top ten volume gainers on my list from the previous days trading.

not only will the blog be useful for my watchlist which will consist of "in-play" stocks, but i plan to also post some of my personal feelings of my trades. i will also try and post articles that i've read throughout the day that i think would be a "good read", note they may not be always trade related.

i also plan to introduce to the world the trading style i've developed lately, and to those that are interested i may plan to capitalize on some sort of guide/instructional videos so they can get involved in this highly profitable style of trading.

the new videos will be of this new trading style, and i'll try to be as transparent as possible. the chart you all will see in the new videos will only be a standard chart with volume, a few moving averages, your basic stuff. i will still be using the gap strategy that i've used in the past, which you guys who have followed me may have come to be familiar with, though the new strategy will be the main focus. i hope you all enjoy the blog. i plan to put some effort into it.


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